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Looking for Cheap Jet Fuel Prices in the New York Area?

Lowest cost of full-service jet fuel in NY and CT

High-quality but cheap jet fuel prices are a mission of Business Aircraft Jet Center. Since we have the lowest full service jet fuel prices in the New York area, and provide quality jet fuel from Shell, we know you’ll find BAC at Danbury Municipal Airport worth the few minutes from other New York and Connecticut airports that it will take to get here.

Today’s Low Jet Fuel Prices (subject to change):

$4.88 100LL

$3.50 Jet A

BAC thanks our customers with the Corporate Crew Rewards jet fuel program. Learn more here.

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  • We regret to announce that we will not have the Annual July 4th Fireworks party due to the timing. You and your family are still welcome to watch the fireworks on June 30 at the airport. Just a reminder there is no vehicles permitted within the fence. Please read the announcement.
  • All customers must park their vehicles in the parking lot at Business Aircraft Center. There is no vehicle parking inside the gate.

HOTEL DISCOUNT: The Crown Plaza, a local area premiere hotel, is offering clients and their crew members reduced rates on overnight stays, as well as daytime rentals. Flight crews can book night or day rooms for $76.00, while client rates are $129.00. All reservations can be made online via these links: for clients, click here and for crew members, click here. For any questions, please call the office at (203) 748-7000.

Click here for more hangar notices.

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You’ll Save with our
Low-Cost, High-Quality
Shell Fuel!
Today: $4.88 100LL
$3.50 Jet A
(subject to change)
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