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Owners and Operators Asked to Fill Out 2011 FAA GA Survey

In September, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that its 34th annual General Aviation (GA) Part 135 survey for 2011 data is underway and available online. Aircraft owners and operators are asked to go online and fill out the survey at The survey closes November 30, 2012.

Participation in the FAA’s GA survey is voluntary and responses are private. The information provided will be used for statistical purposes only, and will not be published or released in any way that would reveal specific information about an individual respondent.

GA Survey, an independent research firm, is conducting the survey and is responsible for mailing out the surveys, processing responses, analyzing the results and maintaining the individual responses.

Participation is Important

The information that small aircraft owners and operators share is valuable and the only timely source of information on the activities of the entire GA fleet — for example, the number of hours flown and the reasons people fly. The data that is collected and analyzed from the survey will inform the FAA and help make decisions, such as funding for infrastructure and service needs, the impact of regulatory changes and measure aviation safety.

FAA Acting Administrator Michael Huerta says the data gathered with the assistance of owners and operators “helps the entire GA community.” Huerta also said that reducing GA fatalities is a top priority for the FAA, and their goal is to reduce the GA fatal accident rate by 10 percent by 2018.

Access the Survey

Aircraft owners and operators who receive a postcard invitation or survey by mail should fill out the survey and respond as soon as possible either by mail or online at

Regardless of whether you flew your aircraft frequently in 2011, did not use the aircraft at all, or filled out a similar survey about the aircraft recently, the FAA urges you to fill out and respond to the survey. Owners who did not fly their aircraft in 2011, have sold it, or are awaiting repairs should also respond to the survey.

An abbreviated survey form is also available for owners of multiple aircraft. If you own three or more aircraft and receive several survey forms, call toll-free at 888-672-4493 or e-mail

For additional help, read frequently asked questions about the survey. If you have questions about the survey, call The GA Survey help line, at (888) 672-4493 or e-mail:

Once again, the survey closes November 30, 2012.

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