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An Open Letter about New Block Island Facility Fees
from Santo Silvestro

Dear fellow pilots,

I was absolutely irate to learn that AvPorts of Rhode Island (APRI) has begun imposing new “facility fees” to pilots landing their planes on Block Island, and four other airports this Virginia-based company manages. This will be in addition to the $15 landing fee we pilots already pay.

I’m disgusted that this decision was made, and I’m calling on my fellow pilots to boycott flying into Block Island unless and until they reverse this decision!

No nearby destinations have these fees — we can easily bypass Block Island and head instead to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket.

Lazy local politicians subbed out managing these airports to a company that knows nothing about flying in New England, while they continue to collect their taxes on our fuel surcharges that are meant to provide funds for the purpose of airport improvements and use. Where is that tax money going??? Straight into the cesspool that is our government!

These people have got to stop blood-sucking the working class. We already pay landing fees and outrageous taxes. We give to the local economy when we rent bikes and eat at a restaurant. This greediness from every sector reaching into our pockets has got to stop.

Depending on the size of your aircraft, it will now cost an additional $20-$55 for pilots each time you land. Join with me and other pilots in boycotting Block Island to reverse this greedy over-reach and help make America great again!


Santo Silvestro

PS: To read the article in the Rhode Island Times, click here.

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