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Help Fight Proposed Tax Hike to Connecticut Aircraft Owners!

Below is a special message from our NBAA regional representative, Dean Saucier. Please take a minute to read and respond to the survey. Your input is needed to help fight Malloy's proposed tax hikes. Thank you!

Governor Dannel Malloy has proposed that all aircraft based in the state of Connecticut be taxed at 20 mils of its valuation, (See Bill HB6387) regardless of where in the state the aircraft is based.

As an example, an aircraft valued at $100,000 would have a property tax liability of $2,000. A $1,000,000 valued aircraft would face a tax of $20,000 and so forth.

Based on discussions with aircraft owners in Connecticut, regarding the new property tax proposal, many have stated they would move their aircraft to a neighboring state.

The bottom line is that (1) not only would Connecticut lose its current registration fee on the aircraft, but (2) would also lose fuel flowage fees since most aircraft operators will opt to purchase fuel at their base airports and (3) maintenance would also be performed in the state in which the aircraft are based.

In an attempt to show Governor Malloy the fallacy of the property tax as a revenue generator, please complete the survey and return it to Dean Saucier at or (860) 627-6755. The results of the survey will be tabulated and the findings sent to Governor Malloy.

Thank you,

Dean Saucier
NBAA – Regional Representative
(860) 292-1994

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