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Our Community Is At Risk: Time To Speak Up!

As we reported last month, Governor Dannel Malloy is proposing a property tax that could drastically impact the landscape of aviation in the state of Connecticut. Malloy’s Bill HB6387proposes that all aircraft based in Connecticut be taxed at 20 mils of its valuation, regardless of where in the state the aircraft is based. That means an aircraft valued at $100,000 would have a property tax liability of $2,000; an aircraft valued at $1,000,000 would have a property tax of $20,000 and so on.

If the bill passes, it will likely have a huge negative financial impact on Connecticut airports. Many aircraft pilots have already said that they will move their planes to a neighboring state with lower property taxes. As a result, Connecticut fixed base operations and related businesses will lose significant income on aircraft rental fees, fuel sales and plane maintenance services. Our community is at risk, and it is time to speak up.

What You Can Do
Connecticut State Senator Frantz and other legislators have formed an Aviation Caucus. The Caucus provides some stability and structure within the legislature while at the same time educating newly elected officials about an often times misunderstood but critically important industry. Click here for the current list of legislators on the Connecticut Aviation Caucus. Contact your legislators about joining the Connecticut Legislative Aviation Caucus. They may do so by contacting senator Frantz’s aid Katelyn Higgins at

The NBAA regional representative, Dean Saucier, has written a letter to Governor Malloy to show the fallacy of the property tax as a revenue generator. To bring attention to the issue, this month they will be running a full page ad in the April issue of Atlantic Flyer. By circulating these within and outside the community you can bring much needed attention to the matter.

Complete the survey which will show the impact this Bill could have on you personally, and return it to Dean Saucier. But hurry, the results will be tabulated shortly. The results of the survey will be tabulated and the findings sent to Governor Malloy. You can also contact your state representatives to make sure they know where you stand and how you want them to vote.

Your input it needed to help fight Malloy’s proposed tax hikes. Thank you!

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